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Make the Estate Planning Process Easy and Cost-Effective

As of January 1, 2000, and as amended on January 1, 2016, section 6400 et seq. of the California Business & Profession codes authorizes non-lawyers to prepare legal documents for people performing their own legal tasks. Such non-lawyers under this provision are called Legal Document Assistants, or LDAs.

Under the California Business and Professions code, a Legal Document Assistant must meet the following requirements:

  • establish that he or she has a minimum level of experience and/or education
  • complete ongoing minimum continuing education requirements
  • register with the county of their primary business address and each county within which they have a physical office
  • post a $25,000 bond

In general, legal document assistants may:

  • provide their clients legal materials and information that have been published or approved by a lawyer
  • prepare customers’ legal documents under the direction of their clients
  • file clients’ legal documents in the appropriate courts or recorder’s offices
Many if not most people’s situations are relatively simple and do not require complex legal techniques to achieve their estate planning goals. For this reason, it is generally less expensive and more accessible and convenient for them to use the services of a Legal Document Assistant.