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Nearly everyone needs an Estate Plan.

The common perception that only people with large estates need to do estate planning, mostly for tax purposes is not true!

The reality is that, for many consumers, the issue of saving taxes has become much less important in recent years. However, there are still many other compelling reasons for a wide range of consumers to put some form of estate plan into effect.

If one or more of these situations applies to you, then you need some form of an estate plan:

  • Own a home or other real estate in California
  • Own assets valued at more than $166,250
  • Have minor or disabled children
  • Want to assure your estate is distributed according to your wishes
  • Want to give authority to someone you trust to handle your financial affairs in the event of your incapacity
  • Want to provide clear instructions to someone you trust to deal with end-of-life issues for you

What we believe

We believe that given appropriate information, many consumers are able to make their own informed decisions about the estate documents they need. Putting together these documents doesn’t have to be expensive, intimidating, inconvenient or time-consuming.

“The only person who doesn’t need an estate plan is someone who has no assets, no family, and who will never die or become incapacitated.”

Jim Wilroy, L.D.A.

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